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Website Integration

Forms can be placed anywhere on your website using a simple line of code. For WordPress, it's even simpler. A plugin and shortcode can be used to place forms on any post or page.

Custom Form Confirmations

Designate unique form completion confirmations using modal pop-ups, doing it in-line within the form, or using separate URLs using logical operators for each Marketo form.

Auto Pre-Fill Form Fields

Use Marketo's auto pre-fill form functionality without the need for custom coding.

Progressive Profiling

Take full advantage of Marketo's progressive profiling form functionality without custom coding.

Multiple Forms Per Page

Place as many forms as you need on a post or page, without losing form functionality.

Add Content Before or After Forms

Add a header and footer to your Marketo form that will appear anywhere the form does.

Custom Form Settings Per Page

You can use the same form on different pages and set unique settings, such as confirmation message, for each page.

Data Security

FormFuse uses Google Cloud data storage to ensure that your data stays safe and secure and that your organization stays compliant.

Create Gated Assets

Add an asset to be downloaded once a Marketo form is filled out.

Add URL Variables to Hidden Fields

Pull data from URL variables into your Marketo form's hidden fields.



$ 149 Monthly
  • 5,000
    Views / Month


$ 299 Monthly
  • 50,000
    Views / Month
  • Theme Builder


$ 479 Monthly
  • 100,000*
    Views / Month
  • Theme Builder
  • Standard Setup ($499 Value)

*Need something beyond the Enterprise level? Contact us for custom pricing options.

Add-On Features

Theme Builder


Customize the look and feel of your forms to match the branding and styling of the rest of your website with FormFuse Theme Builder.

Standard Setup


Need some extra help getting your FormFuse account set up? Let us help. We'll have your FormFuse account up and running in no time.

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